König-Otto-Stalactive cave with advent hall

As well at most of the caves, so also in the discovery of King Otto stalactite cave by chance played a role. The shepherd Federl Peter felt after a fox, when he disappeared into the mountain, he followed him and discovered a powerful and beautiful stalactive cave. This happened on the feast of the Bavarian King Otto. Then the naming. The cave was developed and made ​​accessible to visitors. Decades could visit it only by candle, torch or magnesium light until it was lit in 1954 and the electrically visitors were in full bloom.

A systematic search of two young members of the Nuremberg research group "Cave and Karst Franken," Helmut Schlierf and Michael Kirnberger from Fürth is to be thanked, that on 2 December 1972, another part of the cave was discovered. There was a large, cave-like hall with such an abundance of stalactites and diversity of shapes that you can only talk of fairy-tale splendor. In allusion to the discovery it was seasonal "Advent Hall" named. This hardly describable nature in its beauty monument should not remain hidden. In developing the "Advent hall" with the "King Otto's Cave" has connected.